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Seafood-Pic01-v2Eastern Court Seafood Supreme
Choicest King Prawns, Scallops and Fish fillets cooked with Chinese vegetables, served with a delicately prepared potato basket.


Calamari Chinese Style
The Calamari is farmed fresh and tender. Marinated in fine Chinese wine then lightly fried until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Served with spicy salt and pepper and a touch of fresh chilly.


Rice White Fish with Spicy Salt & Pepper
Fresh water Silver Fish lightly fried crispy out side and tender inside with spicy salt and pepper and a touch of fresh chilly.


Whole Flounder Fried with Spicy Salt & Pepper
A traditional favorite!



Abalone with Chinese Mushroom
This is a traditional recipe of delicately prepared abalone thinly sliced and cooked with Chinese Mushroom and Oyster Sauce.








Live Seafood

You can pick your own from the Tank. Then have our Chef cook it to your taste.

*The following fish, crab and lobster dishes are priced according to weight and season.


Steamed live Barramundi* or Murray Cod*
Prepared with Ginger and Shallots or traditional style, with shredded Pork and Mushrooms

Tasmanian Jumbo Oysters
These fresh oysters are opened at your table side served with fresh lemon juice and pepper
$3.50 each

Live Lobster*

Live Mud Crab*

We recommend you try these dishes with traditional style Ginger and Shallots, authentic Black Bean, Spicy Salt and Pepper or Chilly Singaporean Sauce.

Fresh Oysters
Steamed with Black Bean & a touch of Chill
$21.00 Half a dozen
$42.00 One dozen





Golden and Silver Scallops
Scallops in batter and stir fried Scallops with Broccoli served in Potato Basket

Scallops with Vegetables and Mushroom

Braised Scallops with your choice of
Black Bean, Curry or Satay sauce

Braised Scallops with Snow Peas

Braised Scallops with Shallots

Braised Scallops with X.O Sauce

Fresh Scallops Steamed with Black Bean and a touch of Chilli
$17.50 – Half a dozen
$34.00 – One dozen



Fish-Pic01Steamed Wild Barramundi Fillet
with Ginger and Shallot

Saute Fish Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Fish Fritters



King Prawns with Vegetables and Mushrooms

King Prawns with the Sauce of your choice:
Black Bean, Sweet & Sour, Curry or Satay

King Prawns with Cashew Nuts and Veggies

King Prawns with Pine Nuts
Served with a touch of chilli

King Prawns with the Ginger & Shallot

King Prawns with X.O. Sauce

King Prawns with Green Wasabi
Prawn fried in batter served with Fried Noodle and Basket

Green Prawn with Snow Pea Sprouts
Prawns-Green PrawnWithSnowPeaSprouts

Garlic King Prawns with Snow Peas
Served on a hot plate



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