MONDAYS - SATURDAYS 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 10:30pm. SUNDAY 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm.


Diced Seafood with Egg Bean Curd

Snow Peas Sprouts with Goji Berry

Mapo Bean Curd (Spicy)
Minced pork and bean curd

Spicy Fried Quail (one bird)
Tender Quail, marinated with spicy herbs and fried with salt and pepper.

Whole Abalone (minimum order for 2)
$35.00 each

Steamed Wild Barramundi Fillet with Ginger and Shallot

Whole Flounder Nest
Skilled chef debones and fillets the whole flounder. Makes the nest and cook the fish fillet with Spicy Salt and Pepper. Or stir fried the fish fillet served into the bone nest. Our chef takes great pride in this preparation








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